To briefly describe how I work: I consider myself to be a designer, as opposed to an illustrator or straight-up artist. I don't create drawings and paintings, which have never been my strength. Instead I use digital manipulation to create images from elements I've gathered from different, often disparate sources. These elements are usually based around photographs that either I take or are taken by someone specifically for the project. Sometimes additional elements are acquired from the Internet. I also strive to anchor my works with strong typography and logo design.

The three main goals of my designs are:

1) Client satisfaction, of course,

2) Visuals that are unique and engaging, but not distracting from the information being communicated, and

3) A strong "common structure" present in all parts of the design to give everything in the project consistency.

I always feel that ultimately, my designs are a form of communication like any other, and as such the noise should never interfere with the signal.

Fletch Brendan Good
Red Runner Sight & Thought

The following are seven examples of my work for book publishing clients from 1999 to 2004, followed by the CD booklet design I did for Soundscape in 1998. Each page contains a brief description of the project.

Winner Take All

The Eagle Heist

Eye Of The Beholder

Dead Again

Vow Of Vengeance

On My Father's Grave

The Judas Bird

Soundscape: Grave New World

In addition to these six, I've done the programs for the ProgDay international rock festival for the years 1995-2000 & 2003, battlefield maps and a cover for three WWII books, and two websites: and

None of this includes the work I've done in my day job, which for the past six years has been in the position of Art Director for Winston-Salem's ABC and UPN television affiliates. We won't go there.