Dead Again was to be the sequel to The Eagle Heist. This cover, however, was not used when the book was finally printed, as the author switched publishers (their design is seen on the right above, for comparison purposes). This disappointed me because this had been my favorite cover up to that point. For the first time neither the publisher nor the author had a clear idea of what to do for the cover. All they could tell me was that they thought their should be something looking like a ghost on the cover, since the story was about a murder investigation that the victim's ghost plays an active role in. But they didn't want the ghost to necessarily look sinister- and definitely not cheesy.

I thought it would look unusual to do the cover "CSI"-style, with the body outline on the pavement in the alley (the ghost rising out of it) and the crime scene photographer taking a picture of it all- thus the 35mm film. Again I was trying for something that had a cinematic look, although at the same time I didn't want to do anything that would remind someone of the Kenneth Branagh-Emma Thompson movie. Thus the "ghosting" effect on the typography.

The plug was pulled on the project before I could make the final changes, which would have been to change the image of the ghost from the "floating" straight-body pose to one where the ghost appeared to be "climbing" out of the body outline, one foot outside the outline, knee bent, the other leg descending into a "hole".

I thought it was interesting that whoever designed the cover on the right decided to keep the Copperplate font from The Eagle Heist as the text for the author's name and the "Beauford Sloan" series reference. Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

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