On My Father's Grave was a last-minute job that the publisher had been trying to do himself, but got stuck on. He asked me to put together the two elements, the violin and rose, so that he could add them to the plain white background with the title and author text. I told him to let me put the whole thing together, it'd save both of us a bunch of trouble.

So he brought me a photograph of a violin that the author had taken, and a rose. I used my digital camera to photograph the rose, then cut it out in Photoshop so I could "lay" it on the strings of the violin. The violin itself had to be worked on because the flash had blown out most of the wood grain, as well as the bevelling, of the top half of the violin's body. I was very happy he asked me to do it, it was fun to make it look like the rose and violin are really on top of each other by using different depths of shadows underneath them. Note the water droplets under the end of the stem, and how one petal has fallen of the rose (it really did).

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